natural home remedies for pink eyes

There are more than 3 million cases of pink eye reported in United States every year. Categorized as extremely contagious, pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis is an infection in eye due to bacterial or viral contact. It is one of the most commonly occurring infections to our eyes, and also treatable. But at the same time, it is also true that this is most painful and irritating condition which everyone wants to avoid at any cost. Pink eye causes inflammation in the outermost part of the eye due to which the eye becomes red or pink and persistent irritation keeps bothering.  Pain, burning, scratchiness, or itchiness is some of the symptoms of pink eyes. Let us see the details of what all things a pink eye patient may go through. It is important to take note of every small sign as early detection can prove to be life saving.

Swelling of the conjunctivaSwelling of the conjunctiva, the mucus membrane that covers the front of the eye and inside of the eye lid. It is on conjunctiva only where you would see the first appearance of redness or pink color when you are infected.
Throughout the day you may feel something is into your eye, and when you try to look for you find nothing. This also is one of the primary symptoms of pink eye.
Suddenly you feel like closing your eyes while working on your laptop or anything else that is emitting bright light.

Sunlight may also hurt your eye very much because your eye would become more sensitive to bright light during the problem of pink eye.
Not only you eye will experience strange changes, sometimes it may be your ear as well. Enlargement and tenderness of the lymph node in front of the ear is generally seen during pink eye. This enlargement may feel like a small lump when touched.
Sunlight may also hurt your eyeIf you have a problem with your vision and have a habit of wearing contact lenses, it would be difficult to keep them in place. The person may continuously feel uncomfortable due to bumps formed in the eye.
At later stages of pink eye you may see some discharge coming out of the eye. The discharge makes it impossible for you to open your eye, and is yellowish in color.

Pink eye may be caused due to viral infection, bacterial interference in your eye, or some type of allergic reactions. It may also be an outcome of some allergic reaction taking place into your eye. Viral pink eye is caused by a wide variety of viruses, but adenovirus and herpes virus are the most common viruses that cause pink eye. Bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pneumonia, or Haemophilus are responsible for bacterial pink eye. Pollens and other allergy causing substances are the leading cause of allergic conjunctivitis or pink eye. It may take weeks to go on its on, but with the help of the following home remedies you can easily get rid of conjunctivitis. You can differentiate between each one of them with the help of some static facts associated with each type of pink eye. If it is followed by common cold and respiratory tract infection, the indication is clearly towards viral pink eye. No more laboratory tests are usually required to verify the assumption as in most of the cases it holds true. pink eyes typesThe difference between bacterial pink eye and viral one is that the former affects only one eye while the later targets both the eyes. If you still have a doubt some laboratory tests can be conducted to prove that it is some type of bacteria creating nuisance in your eye. Allergic pink eye tends to occur in both eyes and often accompanies allergy symptoms, such as an itchy nose, sneezing, and scratchy throat. Allergic pink eye may occur seasonally when pollen counts are high, and it can cause the person’s eyes to itch intensely. Hence you should first see the season in which your eye is infected to asses its type correctly. Once you are sure about what is the cause you should start working towards the cure. Figure it out what is making your symptoms go out of control and try to avoid all of these. If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, wear sunglasses whenever you go out. But with sunglasses also take the same precautions you are instructed to do with contact lenses. This tip may be helpful if you have allergic eye infection. Apart from this you can use the following natural home remedies for pink eye that are effective and cheap both.

Natural Remedies For Pink Eye


use honey for pink eyes problemRaw or processed honey contains some powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This natural food is an excellent cure for viral pink eye and even the ancient Egyptians were reported to have used it to treat various eye disorders, including pink eye. Honey is another internal and external remedy that’s cheap and very effective (you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the kids to eat it). Remember this, you can never overdose on honey so be sure to go nuts with it!

Take over the counter eye drop if you have pain

use eye drop for pink eyesOver the counter eye drops called artificial tears may relieve symptoms. Some eye drops contain antihistamines or other medications that can be helpful for people with allergic pink eye. Go to the medicine store and ask for the eye drop which can relieve the symptoms and make the infection disappear soon. Stay away from the eye drops for red eye because they tend to work for a while then cause rebound redness. If the symptoms are not so severe, you can also use rosewater instead of drops. Put a few drops of rosewater in your eyes and you will see them cleaning instantly.

Saline water

use Saline water for pink eyesInstead of buying the eye drops from health store, one can use saline water as a replacement. Saline eye drops are often recommended for pink eye. Some store bought brands contain lubricants and other medications for various conditions, but you can make a simple solution at home. Distilled water is recommended since tap water can contain chemicals and impurities, but many people use plain tap water. Boil one cup of water with about one half of a teaspoon of salt and let the liquid cool completely before using. Use an eye cup or an eye dropper to rinse the eye with the cooled salt solution. The solution can be used as an eye rinse and also as a nasal solution for sinus and allergy issues.

Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes for pink eyes Raw potatoes are a great source of relief in eye infections. All you need to do is take a medium sized potato and cut two thin slices after peeling it. Keep these slices on your eyes and let them do their work for a few minutes. After waiting for sometime simply remove them after rubbing gently if it is not painful for you. In case you have swelling and extreme pain just remove them without rubbing. After that wash your eyes with cold water and your pain will surely reduce.

Give your eye or eyes a cold treatment

Give your eye or eyes a cold treatment for pink eyesYour eyes may become red or pink due to conjunctivitis. Applying compress to your eyes will give you soothing effect and will also decrease the swelling. Take a soft and clean cloth dip it in cold water and then wring. After drying it partially gently apply it on your eye and keep it there for a few minutes. Repeat the same process on closed eyelid on both your eyes several times. You will definitely feel relaxed and pain will also decrease. Generally, a cool water compress will feel the most soothing. If you like to use hot water instead of cold one you can go for that too. Make sure the cloth you use is clean and disinfected. If only one eye is affected by the infection, then do not touch the uninfected eye with the same cloth. Even touching both the eyes with the same hand will transmit the virus or bacteria and the other eye will soon catch infection. Make sure you take proper precautions not to let it spread to the other eye.

It is not the right time to use contact lenses at all

dont use contact lense during the pink eyesWearing contact lenses during the infection in conjunctivitis leads to prolonged stay of virus in your eye and it is even possible that you get it immediately after you got rid of it through the lenses. Get a pair of disposable contact lenses if possible and replace them as soon as you see the symptoms going away. If you are wearing a non disposable pair, just make sure you wash them thoroughly before using again.

Avoid whatever causes your symptoms

wear sunglasses for pink eyesFigure it out what is making your symptoms go out of control and try to avoid all of these. If your eyes are sensitive to sunlight, wear sunglasses whenever you go out. But with sunglasses also take the same precautions you are instructed to do with contact lenses. This tip may be helpful if you have allergic pink eye.

Wash your clothes frequently

wash your cloth and handkerchief for pink eyesBe it your handkerchief or the cloths you wear, make sure you wash them frequently. It would be best to wash them up in hot water till your infection completely disappears. Adding some sort of disinfectant would also help in killing the germs and will prevent further action from the virus or bacteria.

Bathe or shower before bedtime

Bathe or shower before bedtime for pink eyes problemThe idea is to keep yourself, your surroundings and your cloths as clean as possible. This will prevent the infection from spreading further to your own eyes and to everybody else around you. Take a shower before going to bed and even in daytime if possible. Wash your face with cold water a few times in a day to remove any dust from the eyes as dust in infected eyes can cause real pain.

Colloidal silver solution

Colloidal silver solution for pink eyesSilver eye drop solutions were used to successfully treat eye infections long before pharmaceutical ointments became available. Colloidal silver is the best type to use and doesn’t irritate the eyes at all. Just one or two drops of this are more than enough to completely treat your eye. You can also use apple cider vinegar in place of colloidal silver as both have same mechanism of action. Apple cider vinegar works well in case of pink eye because it is an excellent bacterial, fungal and virus killer. One benefit of using apple cider vinegar is that it is one solution for all the types of pink eye problems, whether it is caused by bacteria or virus.

Take herbal help

take herbal help for pink eyes Herbs are as effective here as they are for any other health ailments. Among calendula, chamomile, fennel or eyebright teas, you can use any one of them easily available to you to get some relief in the burning eye sensation and pain. These can be used to make hot compresses instead of using plain water for it. You can use these teas to rinse your eyes, and eyebright can also be taken orally in capsule available on any health store. All of these herbs are equally good for any eye irritation or inflammation.

It is possible to take care of your eye with the help of chemical eye drops but it is strongly advised to keep your tender eye away from all these because these contain strong chemicals and toxic substances which your eye definitely would find hard accommodate. Secondly, they only treat the symptom and not the underlying cause. If you want to successfully treat and cure your pink eye for good then you must treat the symptom and the underlying cause – without the use of harmful chemicals. You can say good bye to both the symptoms and the infection soon with the help of the home remedies discussed above. This way you can be more gentle to your eye and cure the infection at the same time.