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So you are out as usual and trying to just enjoy the day. And there is a sudden itchy sensation in your eye. When you itch, then you are pleased to feel a continuous need to itch. When you stop itching, you feel pain in your eye, and your vision is a bit blurry. Now you cannot stop watering from your eyes, and now you feel that there is something really wrong with your eyes. So are you going blind? Is there a parasite in your eye? Where did it come from? Will it eat your eye out? Will you die soon because of this parasite? Or is it some kind of bacteria or virus eating and creating allergies in your eyes? Is it a viral allergy in the atmosphere, found everywhere in the air? Are you never going to be cured? Is this virus/bacteria going to eat your eyes out? Well no. None of this is true.

This is a mild eye infection due to a common bacteria, and is also named as a common bacterial conjunctivitis caused by the Staphylococcus aureus, Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It is very harmless if treated quickly and immediately. Otherwise it can be really contagious and infect others pretty soon and leave them with this horrible “pink eye” condition. General signs include, itchy, watery and pinkish, sometimes reddish eyes, swollen eyelids, painful feeling of something in the eye, blurry vision. If left untreated, conjunctivitis can cause severe internal eye infections, and even blindness. But we are here to help you. With our team of the best experts and professionals, you will have to worry no more. Just ask us any questions and we will answer your queries almost immediately. We can give you customized answers and suggestions as well to cure your conjunctivitis. What’s more, any kinds of eye infections? Contact us for better analysis and helpful natural cures for your eye problems. Protect your most precious jewels with us. And stay happy and healthy with the best vision ever. To do that, remember to subscribe us and follow our updates. Stay healthy..