Conjunctivitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Conjunctivitis: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention And Treatment

Conjunctivitis also referred as red or pink eyes is a health condition that affects your eyes. This is a condition that primarily affects your eyes and causes some irrigative symptoms. It is one of the most common eye conditions across the world and anyone can be affected by this condition. pink eyes symptomsIn this condition outermost layer of your eye which is a white part of your eye also called conjunctiva is inflamed for some reasons and this inflammation causes redness of your eye. The conjunctiva is thin and transparent layer that covers white part of the eye. It can affect one or both eyes depending on which part of your eye has been affected by some conjunctivitis causes factors. Symptoms of this virus can be irritating and painful as well such as burning sensation in your eye, inflamed eyelids, itching, red or pink eyes, blurring vision that is not permanent, watery eyes etc. Usually these symptoms are not permanent or chronic but still it is potential enough to upset you. There are many factors that cause conjunctivitis and some of them are:

Infection: Infection is one of the most common causes that lead conjunctivitis. Your eyes get infected with virus or bacteria and this condition is called infective conjunctivitis. Both bacterial as well as viral infection is contagious and can be transmitted through person to person.

Allergy: It is a condition where conjunctivitis caused by some kind of allergy. It is an allergic reaction to pollen or dust mites that could affect your eyes and may cause you conjunctivitis. This is called allergic conjunctivitis.

Pollution: Air or water pollution could also be a cause of conjunctivitis. You might have taken bath in polluted water or fumes, chemical vapors could also be a reason of this health condition.

Although, conjunctivitis is neither a chronic disease nor a life threatening disease but it can affect your vision temporarily and may irritate you through pain. Treatment of conjunctivitis isn’t usually needed because it can heal on its own but if you want instant relief then you can do something on your own.viral,bacterial and allergic conjunctivitis As we told you that there are many factors that cause conjunctivitis therefore treatment of conjunctivitis also depends on factor that has caused conjunctivitis. It needs distinctive treatment for distinctive factor so you should have to be aware that which factor is responsible for your conjunctivitis. Here a proverb fits right and that is prevention is better than cure so if you don’t want any irritation in your eyes then you should keep below suggestions in mind that will help you prevent conjunctivitis. avoid touching your eyes, keep washing your hands throughout the day, avoid rubbing your eyes, do not share eye makeup with anyone, if you wear contact lenses then you should keep clean your lenses so that foreign particles prevented coming in your eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis can be treated with anti-allergy medications and you should avoid coming in contact with particles that you are allergic to. Bacterial conjunctivitis can be treated by antibiotic eyes drops or ointments and as soon as you start this treatment the more sooner your eye will be get cleared from redness and swelling.

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