Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) – Signs and Symptoms

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) - Signs and Symptoms

One of the most common infections that are related to eye is pink eye that is also called as conjunctivitis or pink eyes. It is a condition where your eye gets affected by some of the factors that stimulate conjunctivitis in your body. This condition is related to your conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is a thin and transparent tissue that covers up inner white portion of your eye and protects your eyes from external threats. When your conjunctiva gets affected by some foreign particles or substance then it gets inflamed and become redden and this situation is called conjunctivitis. According to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, “more than 164 million school days are missed annually in US public schools due to the spread of infectious diseases”. An astonishing 3 million of those school days are lost as a result of acute conjunctivitis also known as pink eye. Conjunctivitis could be contagious or non-contagious and it all depends on the factor by which you have developed conjunctivitis. There are many factors that stimulate conjunctivitis and some of those factors are:

  • Pollution: pollution problem for Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)Pollution is one of the most common factors of conjunctivitis. You might have been forced to get out of your home for work and at the way of your office there may have fumes that have touched your eyes and you might have been developed conjunctivitis. And the same applies with water pollution as well.


  • Infection: Infection is indeed one of the most common factors that trigger conjunctivitis. You can be infected with any of the foreigners, for instance virus or bacteria. If your eyes get infected with these foreigners then you could develop Infectious conjunctivitis.For get rid of conjunctivitis use some natural home remedies for conjunctivitis.

allergy,infection problem for pink eyes

  • Irritant: If your eye is sensitive to any substance or particle then it could get irritated. This situation is called irritant conjunctivitis.


  • Allergy: If your eyes are allergic to anything and if you come in contact with that thing such as dust mines or pollen then your eye could get allergy and this situation is called allergic conjunctivitis.

Above is the conjunctivitis causing factors that trigger conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis Symptoms are:

  • Pain: You may feel pain in the eyes. You may also feel burning sensation and itching during outbreak of this health condition. You will feel irritated every now and then.
  • Sensitivity to light: You may also develop sensitivity to light.
  • Eye redness:

eye rednessYour eye will be redden and pinkish.


  • Inflammation of eyes: Inflammation of eyesYour eyes will be inflamed during the outbreak of this health condition. Your eyelid will also be inflamed just because of the effect of conjunctivitis.
  • Watery eyes:

watery eyes Your eyes will keep blowing with water. Your eye will be filled up with the water and this water is more than usual.


  • Feeling like a foreign body is in the eye or an urge to rub the eye, you may even rub your eyes and it may result in hazy vision of your eye.
  • Swelling of conjunctiva.
  • Above are symptoms of conjunctivitis that can bother you until it’s not treated.

There are several treatments for conjunctivitis but best if you will be using natural remedies because it doesn’t have any side effects.


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