How to cure pink eye naturally with honey?

pink eyes

Our eyes are the best part of our face and it enhances the beauty of ours. You all know that eyes are very delicate and even a small piece of your eye-lashes can make you very uncomfortable until you through that hair out. So, you can actually understand that how anyone can feel when they have to suffer from the uncomfortable condition “pink eye”.  Actually pink eye is the term that we used to define the condition. Yes, it sounds little bit scary but it is not. This is a very common eye problem which can treat at home and can prevent by taking some preventative treatments. Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. It is an infection and swelling of the outer membrane of your eyeball. Although pink eye is transparent, it contains blood vessels that overlay the sclera of the eye.  Pink eye is commonly caused by bacterial and viral infections or an allergic reaction. It may affect one or both eyes.  Pink eye is not life threatening but it can be very irritating for you. This is a contagious disease and it can spread through personal contact of an infected person. Actually there are many causes of pink eye but it is very important to know the exact cause behind this condition. According to studies about 3 million cases of pink eye occur in United States every year. So, if you are thinking that you are the only person who is suffering from this condition, you are wrong. To know about this condition let’s have a look on the causes of this condition.

Causes of Eye Infections:

  • Viruses (caused by the virus like common cold, this type of infection is contagious but, it will clear up by their own without taking any medicines)
  • Bacteria ( this is the very serious because if you ignore this condition or leave this condition untreated it can cause serious damage to the eyes)
  • Allergies (caused by eye irritants such as pollen, dust and animal dander)
  • A chemical splash in the eye
  • A foreign object in the eye

Pink eye is the easiest condition to identify. When the membrane become inflamed, it produces mucus and tears to protect the eyes. It usually starts with the single eye. When you wake up in the morning then you feel that your eyes are sealed like glue.

The Symptoms of Pink Eye are

  • Redness honey for pink eye
  • Itching
  • Tearing eyes
  • A gritty feeling

Have you try pink eye with honey? I know you must be thinking that honey is so sticky then how anyone can apply this to his/her eyes? But surprisingly, pink eye with honey is the best treatment option. Nature gives us the best treatment ingredient to cure various kinds of problems- honey. Honey has many anti-bacterial properties which can help to kill the bacteria in the eye. Due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties this is the best ingredient. Pink eye with honey is the best treatment option because this single ingredient has the ability to reduce the swelling and remove the bacteria in the eye.

There are several different ways to cure pink eye with honey. You can mix honey with warm water. With the help of eye dropper you can put this mixture’s two drops 3-4 times in a day. Try this method continuously until you see the improvement. Do not run behind chemical products to cure this condition because as I mentioned above our eyes are very sensitive. If you use any chemical products, it can lead to vision loss. If you find anyone who is suffering from this condition, suggest him/her to take pink eye with honey treatment. Because this is the best natural treatment for pink eye and by this you will never get any side effects. But before you start taking this it is important to consult with your doctor.

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