Pink Eye – How to Treat and Prevent Pink Eye

Pink Eye – How To Treat And Prevent Pink Eye for home remedies for pink eyes

Pink eye also known as red eyes or conjunctivitis is a condition related to your eye where your eye gets affected from various conjunctivitis causing factors which has potential to irritate you. Pink eye could be both contagious and non-contagious depending on factors that cause conjunctivitis. When pink eye is caused by virus or bacteria then it can be contagious for several days or week depending on how severe your condition is. This is a condition where your conjunctiva gets inflamed by some conjunctivitis causing factors. Conjunctiva is a thin and transparent tissue that covers up inner white portion of your eye. There are many factors that triggers pink eye to occur and some of those factors are:

Infection: It is one of the most common factors that trigger conjunctivitis to occur. Your eye may be infected with virus or bacteria and this condition could lead to conjunctivitis.
Allergy: Allergy is another kind of factor that triggers pink eye to occur. You may be allergic to dust mines or pollen or to any other substance and when you come in contact with this substance then this condition occurs.
Pollution: Pollution can be another reason that causes conjunctivitis. Water or air pollution could be the reason of conjunctivitis. Apart of that there could be more reasons such as irritation that means any object that can irritate your eye could cause conjunctivitis.

 pink eyes, swollen eyes, burning sensation, pain, itching and irritation for home remedies for pink eyesThere are many symptoms of conjunctivitis such as red or pink eyes, swollen eyes, burning sensation, pain, itching and irritation. Prevention is better than cure therefore you should have knowledge about how to prevent conjunctivitis and for it below is some prevention methods that you can use in order to prevent conjunctivitis. Avoid touching your eyes, keep washing your hands throughout the day, avoid rubbing your eyes, do not share eye makeup with anyone, if you wear contact lenses then you should keep clean your lenses so that foreign particles prevented coming in your eyes. In most of the cases conjunctivitis doesn’t required any treatment but in some acute condition it does and if you want instant relief then you can start treatment of this condition on your own. You can either take shelter of natural treatments or you can go for prescribed medications, the choice is yours and you have to decide whether to go for natural or synthetic. Anti-allergic medications can be used to treat allergic conditions but you should be aware of those objects or substances that you are allergic to. Bacterial conjunctivitis can be treated by antibiotic eyes drops or ointments and as soon as you start this treatment the more sooner your eye will be get cleared from redness and swelling. Therefore conjunctivitis neither a chronic condition nor it is life threatening and this condition usually be treated in a week or two depending on the condition.

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